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Progressive Web Apps

The future of applications. No downloads, no Appstore, no developer accounts. Costs are optimized and benefits are improved.

Progressive Web Apps or PWAs are mobile applications based on websites developed with HTML, CSS and Javascript programming languages, so you only need a browser to access the web app; In addition, they can now control elements of our device and send push notifications to the user’s devices. They are basically enhanced web apps.

What is the difference between PWA and native applications?

Native applications are complex, robust and storage-heavy applications. PWAs also allow complex and robust actions to be carried out, such as connection to databases, among others, but the weight of the application in storage is much lower.

Another difference that PWAs have vs. native applications is the production and modification time since they are based on a web structure, it is only enough to create or update the content that we have on the server and our application will be ready for all users.

Availability is another important factor for PWAs

We only need to create our responsive application and we will have access through all devices such as: Tablets, Cell Phones and Computers. It is developed once and when run on a tablet the content will be arranged on each device.

The Compatibility? Can you have a Web app on Android and iOS?

The short answer is yes. Being a web-based application, the code is universal, so all devices can read and access it.


Benefits of PWAs


There are no limits to what can be done with PWAs. No Appstore restrictions that prevent the creation of your application.


No developer accounts are required to create any apps.


There is no need to create code for each operating system. Just create an optimal web environment and users will be able to download the app on their devices.


There is no need to pay the Appstore to download and use the app. It can be shared via links and that’s it.