Supplier portal and automated invoice processor, an ideal solution for your company.

Save time, costs and resources!

Multiple benefits

  • See the status of the entered invoices. (pending, rejected or approved)
  • View and review purchase order status
  • Notification of changes in purchase orders
  • Notification when an invoice is entered or updated
  • Notification when an invoice is rejected
  • Users Management
  • Vendor Manager
  • Connect with your ERP
  • 2-way interface with the client’s ERP
  • Billing date
  • Billing number
  • Invoice amount
  • PO number
  • Information lines
  • Supplier Information Taxes

The invoice information entered by the suppliers will be validated by the accounting department, improving the process.

Our exclusive supplier portal with invoice automation by Ecacorp is ultra light because it is used through the cloud.


Designed with the best Oracle technology, it will allow suppliers to consult their documents, allowing automated processing of invoices, accessible and without complex processes. Its affordable monthly cost allows you to optimize your budget in this task, the less time you invest in an activity, the greater your company’s productivity.